Thinking About Writing Your Own Vows? Here are some tips!

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Congratulations! You are getting married and thinking about your wedding ceremony! It is such an exciting time! You may be thinking about whether or not you want to write your own vows. Writing your own vows can be a sweet and romantic way to tell your partner just how much you love them in your very own works. It can also be a difficult decision for some people. There are some people that are not fond of speaking in public. There are other people who may be afraid they won’t be able to think of anything to write. The list can go on and on. Here are my tips on how to write your own vows and hopefully help you make a decision.

The first thing to remember is that vows are a promise. You can tell your partner how nice they are or how funny they are…… whatever it is that makes you love them. You can certainly include these things, but at the end make sure you have something like “I promise to always be there for you,” or “I promise to make you coffee every morning.” Whatever fits what works for you.

The second thing that I like to tell my couples is to agree on the length of the vows they write. It may make someone feel bad if one person wrote a 20 minute long vow, while their partner only wrote 4 sentences.

The third thing is to agree on the tone of the vows. You can choose to be funny or sweet or a combination of the two. I know that if I poured my heart out for my vows and my partner only made jokes, I would not be too happy about that.

For my couples, I offer to look over their vows and edit them, if necessary, to make sure they are what I call even.

If you would like to make your vows a part of your keepsakes, there are little booklets that you can write your vows in. This link will take you to Amazon to find the booklets are perfect for you!

wedding vow booklets

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