Do We Really Need A Rehearsal?

So, you talk to an officiant and they ask you if you want to have a rehearsal. Sometimes the officiant doesn’t even give you a choice. You might be thinking that the officiant is looking to make extra money. If this is you, read on…………



If you are eloping or just having a few friends and family attending, I say you can skip the rehearsal. There is not much that can go wrong. If you are planning a formal wedding and/or you have a wedding party of 6 or more, I highly recommend having a rehearsal.

When you have a large wedding party, you have a lot of moving parts and people. You are spending a lot of money on a photographer and possibly a videographer. If you or your party feel awkward or they don’t know where to stand, you may not like how the pictures or video turn out.

A professional officiant will be able to guide you and walk you through all the steps, the transitions, and of course, the words you will be saying. I like to say that I run my rehearsal like a movie script. In one hour, everyone knows where they need to be and where.

I have had a few couples tell me later that they wish they had had the rehearsal. They said they felt very nervous and were not sure what to do or when to say certain things.

So, my opinion is that a rehearsal is well worth the extra cost. It really should be a fraction of your budget.

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